Global energy supply chains–the production, transmission, and consumption of energy around the world–represent a confluence of social, political, economic, and natural phenomena.  Inherently complex, those chains today are undergoing rapid change, as new technologies and actors come on line.  Those changes bring with them new challenges and new opportunities.  The central goal of the Energy and Security Initiative (ESI) is to promote more comprehensive and productive debate and research about those changes, particularly as they affect global, national, and human security.  Toward that end, ESI promotes both “bench” science and research aimed at influencing policy.  It promotes the development of new technologies and the understanding of the broader social, political, and environmental impact of those technologies.  And it promotes multidisciplinary dialogue and research in order to develop a more complete picture of energy production and consumption today and into the future.

Mark T. Nance, Project Lead

Prof. Nance is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public and International Affairs at North Carolina State University and co-director of the Energy & Security Initiative. His research focuses generally on formal and informa